Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hyeee... I'm new here..

salam everyone...
this is my 1st blog so I hope i'm gonna write about good things here...
firstly I launch my own blog coz I'm tired bored with friendster... heh333
want to try something new and sharing my opinion with others when i have free times..
so as i'm a newbie here, i hope someone can guide me to the right path hehehe...

my blog name is SNOW QUEEN... why?? hehe i dunno how to explain it.. ntah ak pon xtaw nape... nak ckp ak ni puteh cam salji memang la berkadar songsang..huhu.. wish can be like snow white..
snow queen is to show how my heart is... macam salji la... white, cold and frozen... hehe... pape je la kan..
ada apa ngan nama janji isinya k..
so skali lagi... as i'm a newbie here i hope i can be one of the blogger yang tulis bnd baek2 je...hehe..