Wednesday, 28 September 2011


If I work in a company who use my ability, my talent to make money,
well go ahead, because I work for you.
But if the company is not fair, overwork me, make me like
their slave, working 24 hours, use all my energy and at the end
the pay is not reasonable, then I have no choice but to leave the company and find other company.

It is a human nature to seek for FREEDOM, because they use their talent to work, to earn money, to make good living. And I guess a lot of young doctor nowadays pon find their position in oversea hospital because the pay for doctor in our country are =.=

So I assume, that is human nature, and that is right for you to break loose yourself, tak langgar undang-undang pon kalau nak saman company yang kita keje kalau layan kita macam hamba abdi zaman perang dunia I dulu.

Biarlah company tu nak saman kita balik, tahan aktiviti kita sebagai manusia sekalipun, tapi ingat walaupun ak tak percaya kat benda ni “Karma is a bitch”. Tapi aku percaya, What gets around comes around. Through the hardship that you get, you will learn, when you learn you gain experience, when you gain experience you will live, that the process of life. And I do believe oneday, tak kira lah seberapa lama lagi... you will get your own true FREEDOM JYJ!

From what I see, you already hit and go beyond my expectation,  and now you three are very successful young man, ALL THE BEST JYJ.




Bye bye ^^
owh.. JJ please be mine... muahaha


sincerely, manusia tak betol...


Monday, 19 September 2011


Awwww… My heart hurt right now,it won’t stop pounding
and beating like crazy! And the reason to this madness are these.
Total nosebleed and I am dying.


Get Out MV ni kleuar masa aku tengah dalam kuliah (sereyesly kuliah tu bosan, pasal kebutuhan gizi wanita hamil), so tgh bosan-bosan aku cek lah, mana taw kot-kot MV ni dah kuar (dari semalam aku tunggu kot). The result was, yeah the MV’s out and I almost screaming like Skizophrenia Paranoid patient in the middle of lecture (nasib baek weyh). Hehe

Cuba cakap kat aku, sape yang tak akan terpegun dengan mamat-mamat ni. Awwwww. My heart right now is “duguen duguen”. This is too much, this Thursday I have Ujian Integrasi 1. Too much distraction!

Always Keep The Faith


Friday, 9 September 2011


To all of you guys out there, BE HAPPY kay! Don’t frown too much cuz you will aging faster. SMILE and BE POSSITIVE, Allah swt will always stay by our side no matter what. Just keep praying and keep our faith alive. You can do it, everyone can do it. yes we CAN! :)


I hope Micky can soothe you a little.

Love ya’ll muchos...



Assalamualaikum... ^^

I am a cat lover and guess what!!! My JJ also a cat lover!! yeyeah...
Well, I am pretty sure you all already know that JJ have two kittens, Jiji and Yoyo, and yesterday JJ posted a pic of him with a new kitten. A hot guy in a office suit holding a cute kitten. *MELTING*

JaeJoong holding a kitten

me and bimbi
Me holding Bimbi

We are the CATS LOVER!!!!

till then, bubye ^^,


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

MY 1st GIF!!!

Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Hari Raya semua!!
Sempena balik Malaysia ni, mestilah jumpa dengan famili dan kawan-kawan kan, so far so good.

Heee~ bukan nak cerita pasal raya, tapi nak cerita yang aku dah pandai buat GIF file. My lil’ sis yang ajar, before ni, aku reti edit gambar je, tapi buat gif tak reti. Senang je rupanye pakai Adobe Photoshop CS5.

My First GIF


Of Course la aku buat GIF JJ.
after this, boleh lah buat GIF banyak-banyak letak kat TUMBLR aku yang sememangnya dah jadi TUMBLUR tu.