Wednesday, 25 July 2012


For the god sake... I am tired with people saying
"Owh I no longer listen to their songs because they separated/the group make big mistake/blablablabla"

Please lah... It’s just a SONG. A mere song.

Of course... because of this thingy I am no longer k-POP fans except for JYJ. The fans are too obsess  and I need to grow up.

My music genre since my teenage years are always rock, indie rock, emo, grunge, alternative rock.

Yeah... k-pop never been my blood and bones.

Monday, 9 July 2012


heart breakdeviantart

.Recently, I broke my heart.

.and I don’t know if I can face myself again. XD

This is stupid, why should I feel like this. Ironic. Redundant.

I did one mistake and I have to pay it back, 3 times.

It happen again and again and again.

Repeat and repeat

I do believe that I am not lucky enough so I will stay away, back off.

Eh awak... awak dengan perangai berlagak awak tu boleh pergi meninggal. Mohon ye. Sila pergi meninggal.

Awak dengan sikap SHOW OFF awak tu saya persilakan terjun dalam lubang jamban dan sila flush diri sendiri.

Awak dengan sajak dan puisi awak tu... awak ingat awak poetic sangat lah eh... okay. Asal awak tahu yang sebenarnya saya tak pernah faham metafora yang awak cuba sampaikan.

Mungkin saya ini kurang cerdik apatah lagi cerdas... Tapi sekurang-kurangnya, saya faham lah jugak behind the words lagu-lagu Artic Monkeys.

Awak dengan janji-janji awak tu, eh bukan janji. Awak dengan kata-kata awak tu, boleh lah... boleh lah... saya kasi awak balik. Awak boleh simpan.

Untung saya seorang yang poker face.

Maaf lah awak... Penggunaan bahasa saya tak sesuai dengan personality awak. Saya memang macam ni. Dan doalah banyak-banyak agar saya tak 'Turn my words into action, if not you are definitely dead. fatality'

Mohon pergi meninggal.

Sunday, 8 July 2012



picture credit to devianart

and there is always a friend who know everything even he is far away from me. He is only exception. Because I don’t usually have a male friend as close as him.

He just know that I am sad over something else even I try to cover it up by saying that I am sad because of other thing.

He is a bff... not a bf and I am glad you are the only XY friend that I can trust. I love you as a friend.

Congratulation for your engagement even I congratulated you before.

paperKELIP : STOP! trying to introduce me to your brother already lah weyh!! I want a husband 10 years older lah. wkwkwkwk XD

paperKELIP lagi : Not that I don’t like your brother... but I love being single.


Saturday, 7 July 2012


At this age... I should think more about a marriage like my other friends. But thanks to you my ex, I never believe in marriage.

Not like I against it, or whatever... Today I learn a new lesson, you can trust and love someone, but you have to put 1% doubt in him/her because when he/she betray you, you will not feel so hurt or feel the pain. Hey... love yourself more before you love other. When you love yourself, you won’t hurt yourself aite.

Okeyh... I kinda love myself when I am all single. And I realise, I am not forever alone, I have myself, I have friends and the best thing that I have is my Faith, my Belief to my God Allah swt. HE is always by our side aite?

Yes I love be a single woman. I am still young what. I should explore this world. I should be a surgeon. I should go travel and do charity. I should be me. I shouldn’t be sad because of a man. That’s stupid. I am cool the way I am.

Today I just realise that I love being single very very much. I love it.

paperKELIP : I miss you mom, every single day and night... Every breathe... I love you. I love you. I love you. My precious mom.