Saturday, 31 July 2010



There always a limit when you talk or say something.

You can call me everything you like, you can fooling around with me. I don’t care.

But there is something that I really sensitive about, and that thing really hurt my pride and I have my own ego with the thing you said before.

I am not mad, really I can be cool but it really hurt. And you always bring the thing up, not just one or two time but almost every moment.

I still can chill with you, but there is a limit, because I am really hurt right now.

I don’t really care about other jokes but this one something.

Hey, I know I am not the one you can call as hot tempered person with boiling head or someone who have the heart of a dragon, I am not the type who can easily get hyped by some foolish reason, but I still can use loud voice to explain something. And when I used my loud voice, it doesn’t mean that I am angry or emo. Maybe that is how the way I am explaining thing.

I am not a person who always show my feeling to you, and it understandable if you don’t know me that much. And I really adore to keep it away from you.

paperKELIP: WTFillet with “JALAN KAKI PANTAS”?



Monday, 26 July 2010



Malam Nifsu Syaa’ban, malam di mana malaikat bawa naik semua amalan kita naik ke langit, dan buka lembaran baru untuk catat catit amalan kita sampai lah mlama nifsu syaa’ban tahun depan… Itu apa yang ustazah aku cakap dulu, mase kecik-kecik.

Tengahari tadi lepas kelas IPD, abah hantar mesej, malam ni malam nifsu syaaban, jangan lupa baca Yassin 3 kali dan doa banyak-banyak ok (tengok gaya macam mama yang taip, hehe).

Aku pun cam, owh dah masuk 14 syaaban, nasib baik abah ingatkan, kalau tak memang aku “miss” malam ni, aku ni sengal sikit, asyik lupe jer.

Thanks abah… for reminding me such an important thing. Jangan abah ingatkan aku “Malam ni malam 1 Ramadan, rajin-rajin lah terawikh” hehehe, malu ler aku, cam taw-taw jer aku jenis liat nak angkat kaki gi surau (padahal belakang rumah jer). Kalau abah ada mesti dia dah tunggu kat depan sambil buat muke garang, “cepat siap” dan membebel pasal keberkatan bulan ramadan. Rindu kat abah.

paperkelip : kat asrama dulu, selalu tersengguk-sengguk baca yassin malam nifsu syaaban. Bacaan kedua yassin plg kritikal.


Sunday, 18 July 2010



You are the most precious friend that I ever met

I love you with all my heart

Can we be a friend until the world end?

Even if we are already left this world, let just be a friend.

A very good friend.

paperkelip : Chingoo… Sarang han mieda.


Saturday, 17 July 2010



I am a type of person who get bored easily.

Yeah I am that type.

And now I am so boring and tiring.

paperkelip : owh… bosan bosan bosan.


Friday, 16 July 2010



I hate this feeling…

The feeling of waiting will killing me slowly,

Creeping inside my chest,

And I guess this feeling make me become dumber and dumber as the days goes by.

Maybe all I have to do is to stop waiting,

Gather my mind, balance myself and stop waiting.

paperkelip : nak balik nak balik nak balik…. tak nak tunggu dah.


Thursday, 8 July 2010


I am maybe the most heartless person that you ever met

But deep inside me still have some space for you

The space that I save it just for you

And only you can open it.

I am just thankful that finally you come

I am appreciate that you are willing to wait

Just want you to know that I will never ever used that word again.

mianhe… kommawo… Saranghaeyo…

paperkelip : IPD please be nice, don’t be like ‘ANAK’



Just now, I was chatting with my younger sister, its have been a while, the last time I chat with her was 3 months ago.

Then, she said her baju raya is done, I asked mine, she said I don’t have any baju raya. Her expression was like, “Since when mama make your baju raya??” I just know her. She will never lie to me.

I guess, end of this month I have to go down to Tanah Abang, find some beautiful and super duper hot fabric, make, then go to KOPRO, ask the toiler there to make me one beautiful kebaya, owh I did buy this ‘kain kebaya’ before and I will make two baju raya.

I am 21 and I have to deal my baju raya with my own. While other girls in my age, their ‘baju raya’ probably mostly have finished. If by any chance my ‘kebaya’ not done by this 2 September, then I will wear my old ‘baju raya’ he3.

Well its not a big deal anyway, baju raya is just baju raya, what is the most important thing here I can see my family and my Lukman. Saranghae.

paperkelip : Independent woman and I am not dependent woman.


Monday, 5 July 2010


Maybe I am not suit with this kind of thing,

because I hate to be this way

I hate myself being like this,

I am not focus,

and I am so wrong,

I am not me anymore.



I am suffocate

I lose my breathe

And I don’t know what to do…

paperkelip : rain rain go away..


Sunday, 4 July 2010



I hope that someone can break this silence space without making any noise.

That someone should be you, but since you like to keep it quiet then I will wait for someone else.

I just want you to know, I hate it when you keep this silence.

Paperkelip : nonstop exam….

Saturday, 3 July 2010



When my feeling started to grow on you,

someone will put it off,

then the feeling that I that I seed, just die like that,

That is sad, but what make me sadder is that someone is actually you.

And yet, you keep telling me that I have no feeling that I am cold blooded human.

What an insignificant of you…

I do have feeling

But its just not for you…

Its for someone special that I adore and that special someone is not you.

Remember  you just put it off, and I am not gonna turn it on back.

paperkelip : Germany win over argentina , and I am sad.





So here is it,

I am officially sending you off,

now you are free again, running and flying,

don’t ask me why cause I don’t know the answer too,

one more thing, before you left,

did know me as the latest version or the old one?

I bet you don’t know the latest version of me yet

you are too amateur to know me, and to be true

I don’t know you either… Fair and square.

As we don’t know each other, lets end here before we proceed to the next level

I am seriously hate to hurt myself. 

before I go left and you go right, or before I take the moon and you take the sun,

I would like you to know that I hate missing someone

and maybe I will miss you someday

before this happen, I want you to know that

right now I am officially not missing.

paperkelip : hujan owh hujan…