Sunday, 24 November 2013

You Know and You Can't

I like someone.
But then I know it's useless.
It's not like I fall head over heel for him.
It just... I like him.
Not  a lot, not a little
more or less... I like him
I wanna tell him that I like him.
But I will not jeopardize our friendship
over this 'LIKE' feeling.
I want to blame my hormone for this.
I hate this complicated feeling
Can I just not have this feeling
Can I not having any feeling at all
This stupid feeling only bring harm than good
It contagious... It make me fly
If I fly, I can't plant both of my feet firm to the ground
Then I will become useless.

Your emotion, it's not wrong, but your action??
Sorry feeling, but this one, you have to forget,
better hurt now than later.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Almost A Year... What did I learn?

Almost a year I didn't update my blog.
I was, I am busy, busy to live a life as a student.
I passed all my theory exam, yay to me. 
I struggled to pass the exam and I proud with myself
finally she can do it.
I graduated and I become a Koas
I travel from one hospital to one hospital
I learned from the doctors, the nurses and the patients
I met new friends, I become friend.
The cycle continue... and 
I met this awesome doctor, my mentor.
He taught us to be a tarzan, when we outside
we need to think, don't depend on your book
depend on your instinct, use your logic
think outside the box
feel the patient, empathize them
make them comfortable
you are their DOCTOR.
you are a DOCTOR, don't make them think otherwise.

I am a DOCTOR, Insya-Allah.