Sunday, 29 November 2009


hye there
I feel a little tense lately
really make me sad
my lappy is making me crazy again
it feel like beaking up with my boyfriend
when my lappy going crazy.
and now i lost half of my insanity

tobat la teha...

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


maybe after read the book then watch the film can't give me the real
excited feeling or be in 'EXCITED STATE'

to all newbies, if you dont understand the storyline
please read the book
and yeah, the novel is too 'meleret-leret'

thanks to the director of TWILIGHT SAGA aka NEW MOON
u really can summarize the 'meleret-leret' to a very short story.

the last part was the best
hahaha Edward purposing Bella
and all the people like 'alaaa'
and my friends whoose sitting next to me
was really 'yeah'

to wait for ECLIPSE for another 1 year is also like

and for the time being
to make the vampire fever continue
release the film

and why I keep use the word 'YEAH'
because, right now i love a song called "Oh YEAH"

and one more thing :
as RAYA HAJI is coming
so my sisters and I decide to do cooking cooking
we like to cook
1. nasi impit
2. lodeh
3. sambal ikan bilis
4. kuah kacang


Tuesday, 24 November 2009



hidup ni kena la menghadapi dugaan dan cabaran

dan ayat di atas sgt la xbole bla

sebab org mcm aku ni mmg x layak untuk

interpretasi soal hidup

dan perkara-perkara yg bersangkutan

'Jadilah manusia yang seadanya, kerana manusia itu xsempurna'

'Saya mmg xpernah sempurna, maaf kan saya, sy memang sgt malu'

'Saya memang pemalu, jangan sangka saya suka'

dah abes merepek, jom bla cepat2


ayat last

aku memang sewel
jgn percaya aku...

Monday, 23 November 2009


'aku memandang ke atas, lalu aku tersungkur ke tanah'

"aku bengang blogspot x bole nak bkk kt INDONESIA ni..!!!"

"janji pada diri, pasni kuar umah pakai elok2, malu seyh"

Saturday, 21 November 2009



hurmmm, its been a while since I updated this blog
last time, i was crying over my lappy, she's 'SICK'
and need to reformat, now i got my lappy back
reformat with new windows 7, kind of cool i think

I should write something since I got my baby back

what should i write???
any idea???
since me myself dont know what to 'story mory'
I will put some pic of my SAYANG...

this is them at MUSIC BANK....

and this is today pic at MAMA

i was watching MAMA with ainaa n atik...
suddenly MALAYSIA's name appear on the screen
we were screaming like CRAZY kot at the moment..

hahaha... actually tonight we were plan to hang out,
nak tgk NEW MOON which is premiere today at EX mall..
but all the tickets sold out
so we were so empty by heart
and then, start from 5pm until 9pm
we were watching all the KPOP mv
and "menjerit-jerit" when
handsome guys appear
the MAMA stopped...
at 9.30, the internet became slow


Monday, 16 November 2009


aku sepi
tanpa sayang ku di sisi
setia minitaku merinduimu wahai sayangku
kenapa kau menghilang
meninggalkan aku terkapai-kapai
diketawai mereka yang "dengki" padaku

mereka sangat senang hati
bila kau tiada disamping ku
menemaniku 24jam sehari
tanpamu, tak dapat aku
melihat wajah2 kacak mereka

dan ayat2 mereka yang sengal apabila
kau meninggalkan ku
"I'm glad..!!"
"lama-lama pon xpe"
huhu, what can i do
just redha with the situation

sanggup kau tinggalkan aku sensorg
wahai sayangku
my honey bunny
sarange yoe
ai shi teru
my love
my soul
my only


how could you??
leave me alone
xdapat aku nk tgk 2pm ag,
tgk SuJu,
the most important thing
xdapat aku nak bkk e-book pharmaco ntuk masa ni..

dari insan sepi...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009



have to prepare my mind, mental and body
for this coming saturday..!!!

Sabtu ni BIRTHDAY pakcik ANGAH
wish i will not forget this year
last year he get pissed of me

and this SATURDAY batch 08 held an event
called "family day"
ntuk junior2 09'
n my house with 3 other houses jd ajk makanan
rite now pon dah pening pale aku memikirkannya

and hopefully
with all this clash i will not forget about ANGAH birthday..

Monday, 9 November 2009

I'm CRAZY....!!!


yes i'm very sure, with all my heart that i'm crazy
100% sure, no doubt about it

why am I crazy??
cuz I'm in love with 2pm
yes, I'm very sure

dulu mmg dah jatuh chenta, tapi sejak akhir ni rasa chenta 
kat 2pm ni makin mendalam plak
eventough, jay dh xde (really miss him T_T)

and x sabar nak tunggu lagu baru dorg yg bakal kuar
dis 15 nov, hahaha...
I can feel the heat inside my heart
my nonepinefrine produce itself even more
make my heart pumping and it feel like jumping
out from my thoracic wall
god, this cant happen to me..

and i was dreaming, if i can marry them =p
hahaha ridiculous isn't??
but that what i was thought for
a long time a go..
i wanna marry a korean guy
mata sepet, spikey hair, bright smile
so handsome...haha

and this 2pm fever is getting me more excited
nak bkk buku pon x senang..

one day, aku jalan2 kat TA
g kt k-pop connection
nmpk 2pm nyer pencil case
nak beli
tapi x jd beli hr tu
so the next 2 days after the day
dengan riang hati aku pon nak beli
tapi auntie tu cakap dh habis
then i was crying
sgt sedih
physco x???

Friday, 6 November 2009


"Penatnye lah hai, hari2 kuliah, Sabtu pon kuliah... penatnyer...
nak ngadu kat mama la, sambil2 tu boleh minta resepi wat pau.."

dialing my mother number
trying to reach her


then i realize, something is wrong here
something is missing


wake up from my bad dream
shaking, mengucap

"mama is gone tehah"

untuk menerima hakikat bukanlah sesuatu yang mudah
untuk merelakan pemergian juga bukan mudah
kenyataan ni hanya boleh ditelan tapi
akhirnya lekat di halkum

one of my friend said
"Ibu tiri itu darjatnya sama seperti ibu kandung sendiri"
so, what i should do now is to give the best to her.

keep praying for mama blessing...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


hye =)
well check this out guys... 
The Vampire Diaries drama series is out..!!!
yeah, U guys have to watch this drama
very exciting, very hot, and bloody..

well, I got to know about this series from one of my friend,
she introduce it to me, and I'm kind of fell in love at the first sight
when I watch it.

well, The Vampire Diaries is the adaptation from 'The Vampire Diaries' series written 
by L.J Smith.
its has 5 books to complete the saga and I wanna have them really really bad.
I saw them last time at TA, and of course the price will give me hypertensi, and if I buy
them, I will get kwasiorkor.... lack of nutrition... haha..

so, yesterday, while I was downloading ep 07 of TVD, I got an idea..
why I just dont download the books instead???
so, I search for the books, and I found them, hit the download button
and..... 5 books of TVD inside my laptop...
haha, xyah belanja banyak2 and tunggu lama2 ntuk beli...
now, I can read them...
well, reading an e-book wasnt too fun bcoz U cant hold it,
but it still worth enough for me...

nanti, I beli ler novel tu, sebulan 1... hehehe..
I suggest, why dont U guys try this vampire series..
that 2 brothers really hot U know..
I'm kind of wants to have them as a boyfriend...

ok ler...

Tuesday, 3 November 2009



today is 3rd NOVEMBER 2009 and I think SPM or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia is already start now
owh, why do I care about SPM anyway??? 
I have that test a long ago (not long enough, I guess, hahaha)
and with SPM, I continued my study in KMKN, and now here I'm, standing in the middle 
of hustle bustle Jakarta, hectic lifestyle with 'berlemon-lemon' exams,
have to finish the PBL everymonth, well that life anyway
and i have to accept my destiny...
hurmmm... I will 'GAMBATEH' till the last drop of my blood and make sure the 
dream that I've been dreaming for a long time ago will "GOAL"!!!

ok Fateha, enough with those craps...
my objective to 'hapdate' my blog today is to wish my bro, Aiman.
he will seat for SPM for dis session.
my wish is;

"All the best mei,yes u can, u always score in all ur exam before,
SPM is not a big deal k... hahaha.. kakak nak mei capai cita2 mei,
mesir or not, where ever u go, there will alaways 'REZEKI'
and, watch out with Account, its suck.."

hahaha, Aiman is my only lil' brother dat i have.
school at sek men elit lembah bidong, Setiu.
Headboy for 4 years (forget to mention, his batch is 1st batch!!! gagaga~)
and the only one of my siblings who take account..

(Aiman, ensem x??? hahaha)

ok ler, actually i suppose to finish my PBL, but my hand tertype blog plak..