Sunday, 30 October 2011


Still remember when I said I really really love Wonder Girls??? Yeah they are the only girls group that I really love and I am the WONDERFUL!! Bukan tak suke girl group lain, suke je tapi tak gila macam aku gila kat WG ni. Remember I am a Cassiopeia, Hottest and Wonderful kay...

Ok, this November our WG will release their 2nd album which is dah berjenggot aku tunggu, so yeah, Welcome Back Girls!! These are their 2nd photo teaser, hot giler!!!







Owh my Goddess... I hope you guys will make a success comeback. Owh I love how sexy they are but not too revealing. Like Lim, she is a minor, so the stylist make her skirt extra long than her unnies.

Wonderful in action,


Thursday, 27 October 2011



Do you have any regret in your? I do... I have many, and that what make me a better human. But unlike those immature souls, I’m only regret the things that I did which make my life now in despair, like not putting Harlequin in cage when I was in Malaysia, or not saving study like real mad to achieve my dream. I will only regret if my action affect me, my family and my friends.

I will not regret if I’ve done a good thing that will bring my life to joy, I will not regret if I know what will happen to may life if I take this or that action. I will not regret it as long as I know what I do and as long as I’m still in the right path.

I know that you too are not regretting for what had you done. I know that was the most difficult decision you made. You know the consequences and you know what will happen to your future and career if you do that. But unlike other souls, you are brave. You did it, and now you are not what you are before. You’ve been banned by them, they throw stones to you, they drop you, they abandoned you. And you don’t give a damn, you keep moving and strong.

You know you have choose a hard path, path with thorns and fog and you can’t see it clearly. But you know, this is the right path. You believe it. When there are haters, there will be lovers too. When you’ve been banned, you make more opportunity, you make more money. When they unfair to you, you still smiling, You are so strong and positive and tough and and and... I don’t know what to say. You are just the way you are, always positive. And you remind me of my late mother.

If someone close the door, someone else will open the window... Remember, no one human has absolute power to rule over other people. Only God has that..and God is kind. I believe in this and I know you believe it too, so that why we don’t regret if we choose thorns path.

I will forever Always Keep The Faith in myself. You are my motivator you are my teacher you are my brothers... You are my happiness. Instead of being sad, why don’t we smile happily.


paperKELIP : Whatever they say, I will always support you guys JYJ. Lets hope your concert in Europe will bring you more opportunity in the future.


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

KYAAA~ (>.<)

Now you, please tell me why I have to stop loving
this man, not just loving but I want him!!! :p





*this is JJ’s pics from NII latest photoshot.

Owh man... You can tell me to not love him or to stop loving him
but the truth is


yeah I am delusional girl from another planet, and loving this guy make me happy, at least my heart not hurt like before. Like when I have BF right.

By the way JYJ, all the best for Europe tour! I hope you guys will hold a very successful live kay. Love muchos.

And to TVXQ HoMin, rest well, I love your performance in SMTOWN NYC, thanks ^^


Tuesday, 25 October 2011


O.M.G.SUN! I am melting again...





Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Today, I just read a news about 15 years old girl, post a comment at PM’s FB wall. I don’t care with her post, it is her right to speak her mind regarding her future. But what I disagree is with what people comments. Yes, teruskan PPSMI, kalau tak belajar dalam english nanti kita ketinggalan zaman, bla bla dan bla. Jepun, Korea, Europe country yang study dalam bahasa mading-masing pon aku tengok maju jaya dan ke hadapan je.

Aku tak memihak pada mana-mana badan kerajaan atau bukan kerajaan, Yes english is important, sebab tu ada subjek english kan dalam kelas? Aku rasa english kat malaysia ni dah cukuo bagus kot banding dengan negara lain, terutama... korang pon tahu. Govern pon satu, nak start mansuh PPSMI tu janganlah mendadak, kesian budak-budak nih, dah lah dari darjah satu lagi blaja dalam english Math n Sc, tiba-tiba je dah lepas PMR, masuk tingkatan 4 kena blaja dalam melayu. Mahu nyer diaorang tak mengamuk?

Apa kata rancang dan kaji balik, start dari darjah 1, 4 dan tingkatan 1 tahun depan ke, takde lah pening sangat. Betul tak?

Addek-adek, kalau korang nak tahu, aku dulu lagi pening, tapi maintain tenang je, sebab kita kan nak cari ilmu, dalam whatever bahasa pon confirm kalau niat korang satu, nak cari ilmu, nak pandai, nak belajar, mesti berjaya.

Walaupun tak jadi dokter lagi, tapi sebab banyak sangat dugaan yang generasi kiteorang dapat, sebab nak enjoy life masa muda-mudi ni, halangan bahasa dapat lah jugak kiteorang atasi.

Sejak dari darjah 1 sampai tingkatan 5 kiteorang belajar Math dan Sc dalam Bahasa Melayu, then masuk matrikulasi tiba-tiba je Math, Kimia, Bio kena belajar dalam english, and we have only one year, means 2 semester only to get the best cgpa. Mula-mula sebulan pertama susah lah jugak, tapi bila dah lama-lama senang je, dah setahun mesti lah dah biasa dengan term-term sume in emglish kan? So then dapat tawaran medic kat indo nih.

You know what my brotha n sista. we have to learn all the subject here in bahasa indonesia, Bahasa Indonesia you as you see or watch in sinetron. Kat sinetron takpe lah ada subtitle, ni lecturer cakap, temen-temen ngomong ga ada terjemahannya sih, macam kura-kura aku rasa nak faham dorang ni ngomong, tapi kan bila dah sebulan dua, kiteorang bole lah faham dorang cakap, cuma bahasa daerah je lah, jangan harap aku nak paham kalau dorang cakap bahasa jawa or sunda. Maunyer ak nak faham...

This is life, learning process, adaptation. You wanna survive in this world, I gotta tell you boys n girls, you have to adapt with the situation. Kapan di mana pun. Even in our country. I still have lots to learn and lots to experience. Banyak mengeluh dan complaint nanti tak kemana pon.

Life is too wonderful and beautiful to be complaint. Enjoy it when we still can. Don’t be pressured by politic issue, enjoy your study, and always keep the faith.

“We will be happy when we give charity to other who in need, I am happy as long as I love JaeJoong.” Muahahaha :p


Monday, 17 October 2011



I don’t understand how can people be like this and like that.
Human nature I guess. I don’t have any right to interfere with
their business anyway.

I am still single, single as in, I am not in any relationship
related with any man. Owh yeah baby I love being single, I enjoyed
this precious moment, every bit of it, without any regret,
but yet, people keep asking me, “why you have no bf?”
”susah lah nanti nak kawen xde calon”, “you’re 22 for god sake,
and you still single?”. So what if I am still single, I am not desperate.
I hate non-marriage relationship, its a sin to me, the last relationship with a random man is enough to give 2-3 lesson
about non-marriage couple. It hurt, I am bleed and yes, please
no more couple.

And yess, I am never worry about me being single, my parents too. But my other family members of course they care and too worry perhaps. Its funny taw tak when your aunts and uncle try to set you up with someone yang aku tak tahu pon dorang wujud dan tinggal kat atas bumi nih. All I can do is gelak guling-guling atas lantai.

Whatever they say I don’t care. If you can find someone as handsome as JaeJoong, of couese, without ant doubt I will accept him. Muahahaha… Please JJ marry me!!! You are the only man on earth that I willing to love without any hesitation. Bukan senang taw aku nak jatuh cinta dengan lelaki nih. xD
Please keep dreaming mak cik teha, mane taw kan kalau dah jodoh. :p

Ok the point here is... I don’t care if you are in non-marriage relationship but please do keep your dignity, we are woman, we are precious, we are the diamond in jewel palace. We are EXPENSIVE!

paperKELIP : JJ aishiteru, saranghaeyo,wo ai nii, aku cinta padamu, I love you... After I get married, only then I can let you go :p
please don’t marry other girl before I get married ok... Hahaha.


Sunday, 16 October 2011



My father told me, he advise me that
“We make a pray to ALLAH swt to make our dream,
ambition some true, but at the same time we disobey
ALLAH swt words.” Subahanallah.

As I grow up, I’ve seen many things, I experienced every moment
that I’ve been through. I carelessness, my reckless moment, my sweet moment, my success and my failure. It make me what am I today. What I learned is what I gained through my experience,
my moments as a mere mortal.

As I live, many things change around me, my whole world now
is different from 10 years ago. I am a grown up girl now yo.
People change too, from bad to good, from good to bad.
I am sad, when I was a teen, she was my source of energy, to be
a good, independent girl, to be a successful girl.

But now, my source of energy is... yeah she is not what she was.
She is different now. I love you and I still am. Because I love you
so much as you are my older sister, I hope you will keep your Jati Diri as much as possible.

I am not a good girl, not like my sister farah, but I know the limit as a girl. I know that I still have my father, and brothers who will burden with my sin if I not watching my aurat.

Because I still have this faith in myself, the faith that I always keep
in my heart. I know I wear jeans too, so that is why from now on
I will try my best to wear a jeans with a long blouse or dress or t-shirt to cover my... (you know what lah kan)

You are wearing a hijab but at the same time you are wearing a legging, with a short tight t-shirt. I don’t care if you wanna wear it
like that. Its a fashion anyway, you love it. I don’t care, but ALLAH swt care. And I just don’t wanna be a disgrace person.

I am a rockers, but I will try my best not to wear legging.
I love skinny jeans, I wear it sometime but I will make sure
my blouse long enough to cover my asset.

I am not married yet, I hope I can take care of myself and be
careful with what am I wearing.


Not so good girl try to talk about aurat,


Friday, 7 October 2011


I have this feeling, I am sad, I am happy, I am confuse
I love, I smile, I cry...

But it was something that happen yesterday, and for sure
i will forget about it.

Because when I wake up again today, I will
love, smile, sad, cry, confuse.

Because I am just a human... All I have to do is move on
to the next chapter of life.




I am the most HAPPY GIRL right now!
Yeah baby my In Heaven Album by JYJ arrived at
my home this afternoon.
And I got RED COVER which was the shop
told me the red cover was sold out and
they dont know if the Korean provider still have it or not.










Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ (smile like an idiot)