Sunday, 30 December 2012


You are serious about want to be my best friend forever??

Okeyh, I get it. We are friends anyway... and when you meet me, don’t be shocked and fell into comatose state.

First of all, I am not that typical girl you used to meet and greet. I am tomboy in my own way. I wear a jeans, probably slim fit or skinny, my top usually not a blouse, I love to wear ROXY, Factor, Rip Curls kind of t-shirt. They maybe look kinda girly, but they’re not. I love to wear over size t-shirt, with cardigan. I usually wear a shawl, loose style. If I wear girly outfit, that’s mean I wanna look pretty and fail miserably.

Second, I love rock music. Any genres of rock. Indie, punk, alternative, psychedelic and whatever lah... I love Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Radiohead, Nell, Muse, Incubus, Coldplay, SCANDAL, Weezer and, who know, I just love em’ all.

Third, I am a freak with Japanese and Korean culture. I love the anime, korean drama, nippon dorama, their language, food and... DBSK/THSK/JYJ!!! I’m in LOVE with JAEJOONG!!!

Fourth, I love books. I love BOOKS!!! Sometime I think I will marry my books instead of a man. Well that could happen anyway. I rather marry my books than just a man. Duhhh~ Because they are wiser than any man I met so far.

I don’t hate anything in particular. Because to hate is to love and I don’t wanna love what I hate. I will keep myself natural, whether I hate or love something except for SHOES!!! I love SHOES. Who doesn’t love shoes is crazy. I love all kind of shoes, sneaker, wedges, heels, pump, flip flop, flat and boots. Just think about them make me excited. But, I only wear shoes that I really really like. The shoes have to be outrageous, a beauty, especially heels and wedges.

I am a little crazy, dumb and naive. But I am not pure like some girls. I don't know whether they are actually pure or dumb. But trust me, how can someone be pure and innocent when they study in Meds School.



What if I tell you that I deleted you from my SNS because I am JEALOUS, would you believe me?

Well of course not, I told myself that I deleted you because I want to MOVE ON, and that what I told you too.

But, even I deleted you, again and again and again, it seemed like I can’t never delete you from my heart.

I am trying, I tell myself that you are not real. You can’t be real. You are just my fantasy but it seem like I am in denial state.

I deny that I don’t like you anymore, that I can totally forget about you. But, oh well, I can’t.

Even you are not real, but I know you are real and alive out there.

I love you, I miss you but I can’t love and miss you. I’m in pain.

paperKELIP : lama tak muncul dan wujud di blog ini. Bye bye 2012, hi hi 2013. But I can totally forget my exes though.