Wednesday, 30 November 2011


I am not like you, have a mother to call everyday, or once a week to tell her how your life here, how stress you are with this pack schedule and exam. It is never the same with me. I only can lean on myself, to deal every single problem that I have with only me, and I don’t have a mother to tell her that I am so stress right now, that I want to make this week and next week faster and faster so that I can relax like before. 

I just have to be stronger and keep this to myself, I am strong enough, I can deal all the problem, I can handle myself properly because I am not a spoil brat like I use to be anymore.

If I do make a mistake today, and I hurt your feeling, I am sorry, but to tell you why I acted like that, I can’t tell you. I will just keep it to myself. I am not a person who can trust people or to tell my personal feeling to anyone. Today I am just super mad and I am not in a good mood, that all.


I am super duper mad today, I am not mad to you guys, and I know you guys “terasa”. I am mad at my own team, it is not okay if I can’t go practice with them, if it okay, why involve me or  ask me to join the team? I am not okay with myself if I can’t go practice and yes I am super busy and super have no time. Yeah aku sangat marah dengan keputusan korang sekarang.


Saturday, 26 November 2011


It just 4 second of heaven then I am back to normal, my love to JJ is like 5 years, and it never fade away. 4 second, and yes he is not JJ. Sorry but I don’t think 4 second is enough. I maybe like you but not as a man, I like you as a friend (maybe if we are actually a friend). Never cross my mind to love or to falling in love with someone like you. Even if I do, I will deny it like hell. Please take note and get out from my sight, and jangan nak perasan sangat kalau-kalau aku suka kat kamu. It will never happen even, not in million years.

And to you thief, you know what, if I see you again with my sandal, I will never hesitate to BITCHSLAP you and please don’t ask me why. My middle finger for you. Sincerely me. And an F word from me to you, please go to hell.

Sorry for the rudeness, but I can’t tolerate with bunch of stupid teenagers trying to act cool and put their hate toward us, and I don’t even know them.

And to dear you yang suke barang mahal-mahal tapi tak mampu, please save your money from now on if you wanna that thing and please stop bragging about it, annoying tahu tak?

That all for my rant tonight,


Wednesday, 23 November 2011



I am not suppose to fall again, and I am sure that I’m not going to fall, like 100% sure...

But I made a mistake, a very big mistake... Well I am a human after all. I am just a mere human and probably the most mundane among us. And yes, I am falling... again...

It hurt, and I hate it... Ouchh, owh crap. I think I need to get up, smile and ignore it.

paperKELIP : well ALL THE BEST and GOOD LUCK for next week and next next week GENERASI 08’ ^^


Sunday, 13 November 2011


I hate it when a author of certain article trying to lure readers to read what he/she wrote. You know what Mr/Miss author, you are very cheap person who is trying to keep your article the most reading and views but you never thought of the consequences kan? Be matured lah bhai.

People call you stupid and that is not for nothing. Yes I am angry right now. What the fuu with the title huh? Aku rasa macam nak tunjal-tunjla je kepala kau tu. Do you know how to read or not??? Are you really desperate to gain a title for the most view article?

Ignorant people like you just pathetic you know that? I wrote this because I know what you stated was not true lah. She definitely said the opposite thing, but why did your title’s article was like that huh?

Aku geram betul then orang attention seeker macam kau nih.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011