Wednesday, 30 December 2009



Its been along time since I'm u
pdating this blog
not because I abando
ned my blog
mood nak update xdatang2, mood ni suka main kat tengah2 laut
nak panggil balik, sakit anak tekak...^^

so since mood dah kembali
and new year 2010 is approaching
I'm gonna update my blog
for the last time in 2009..

ok I will flash back my memory in 2009 according to month...

January :
had to pay house rent for 4,6 million
(and xde duit, mcm gampang)

February :
move in to new house
semester break for a month
clash ng
an dia
my late mama (14 feb 2007)

March :
start new semester
my birthday at 1st day of semester 2
my friends made surprise birthday for me
thanks guys^^
I'm tearing up now... sob3

April :
dont know exactly what happen
absent minded kot bulan ni..
owh I know, cik Ainaa Farahannah introduced 2PM
to me^^

May :
nothing interesting happen
except for something creepy happened in our house
good thing, dat creepy has gone

June :
went to gym with cik Tuty and cik Lina
meet with handsome guy
learn new thing about balance.

July :
got good result forblock 7
and block 8 was devastating

August :
semester break
balik Malaysia tp kn marah sbb raya nnt balik ag
(sbb blk 5 hari j)
then buat SP, hu3

September :
Jaebeom out dr 2PM T.T
still in holiday mood but ad exam for SP
ramai org soh aku diet..
hu3... I will k..

October :
Lina move out
sedih gk tp berlagak cool

November :
habis session g RS Husada
aku semakin malas
2PM release new album without Jaebeom

December :
start to learn new thing
thanks god cuz I'm still alive
in dis month, I always thinking about death
christmas holiday, but not going back to Malaysia...

actually this year was my best year^^
cuz from the bad things that occured
I learned a new thing
every steps that I take sometimes
make me go higher and
sometimes make me fall
I failed then I win again
I stand up with proud,
again I fall cuz a big rock hit me
I'm bleeding, then something save me from pain
I cry, but I wipe my tears from falling down
cuz I just want to smile

I miss her so bad
I'm yearning for her to come back
but I forget
that I have new her
someone remind me that
I have to love and respect new her
as I love and respect her
keep her in my heart, not in ur tears

I have to be tough
and ignore others around me
I have to fight against myself
but this year I failed to do that

so this mew years 2010
I have to be tough, a weapon to against my inner stubborn self
love and respect others
I have to achieve my target
maybe find a new bf??? hahahaha
just kidding...^^

Happy new year 2010
salam maal hijrah

yang teristimewa,

Friday, 25 December 2009


saya bukan kaki jalan

as usual sy akan melepak kt rumah

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Last night, I was having so much
fun with my mates, and my plica vocalis hurt
so much... hehehe melalak sampai xhengat dunia, it was fun since we're not going out
together for ages..what were we done?? that a secret that I'll ever tell..^^

Despite of all the happiness, something happe
n that really make me wanna laugh
to death at the same time tickling on my last nerve.

baru-baru ni, aku selalu je letak shout out yang merepek-repek kat facebook
seperti berikut;
"I miss him so much, plz come back"
"I mis
s him :("
dan lain-lain lagi
that's my account, I'm pleased to do anything that I like kan...
and all that shout out goes to this guy

Jay Park or Park Jaebeom

then, ada orang curious nak taw, dy pon SKYPE aku malam semalam
and ask me, who is the guy that I miss so much?? not me right??

mula-mula bengang gak
who are you that I want to miss?? hello..

then rasa kelakar
he must be joking, its not u lah
cis2 perlu ke aku terperangkap dalam situasi ni.

then I answer him back..
owh, its not you, right now I'm in the
middle of 2PM feeling
all I can see is 2
and that guy is Park Jaebeom..

I want to add "jangan nak perasan lebih2"
tapi x tertaip sebab aku dah tergelak2 smpai jatuh katil...

actually, he just want a confirmation that I'm not missing him anymore...
and the answer is no, never, and will not
U have my answer now, so be happy and dont feel any guilty
cuz for me, what past is past and we have to move on
open a new chapter, cuz life is all we have...

but, at some point, I lie to him
I said that, I have my new man here
and he ask me who and he also wants to know my man..
well its a secret....hehehe

cuz I dont have any, just want to enjoy my life as a single woman
then, biar abah yang cari... malas la aku nak pikir...
my life is to study and 2PM...

yang tak desperate,

Thursday, 10 December 2009


miserable, dizziness

.spamming from hell and my laptop going crazy
.makes me worry a lot
.dizzy after see the blood (cmne nak jd doc ni)
.missing abah
.lot of questions in my head
.love to see them
.feeling happy after visit my cousin blog
.thanks for ur time
.be happy

Saturday, 5 December 2009


menatap sepi

memandang kosong

melihat sunyi

menjeling tajam

hati tersenyum

riang atau pura-pura???

Lately, I've got this disease
and its not cure yet

"Who can cure my princess, then I will grant him/her with 3 wishes"

my heart my heart
I'm still looking at you
my heart is still beating for

can u feel my HEARTBEAT..!!

yes, I got 2PM disease


Wednesday, 2 December 2009


life is crazy
crazy is life
when u have life
then u are crazy

people say that
if u decide
to be
a doctor
u will have no life anymore

so, the doctors is not crazy
that why i choose to become a doctor

but to be a doctor
i have to overcome
all the obstacle of life

because all the subjects make
thinking of dying
its like a rope around
your neck
ready to take ur life
without "BUZZ"ing

full schedule
cases scenario
the mad doctor
the boring subjects

all i have to do is "FIGHTING"
have to be strong
and have to pass all the exam.

to me
plz be tough
and brutal

coz u need all that feature to win the future