Monday, 11 January 2010


Somehow, after I read that NEWS just now make me feel so angry
its kind of PISSED OFF feeling and it getting on my LAST NERVE
cant describe this, if U are one of us, then U know why...

yeah, that right
I dont like him on that show
and I really mean it
he on that show just BLAH..!!!
it not because I'm jealous that girl
will be there, but it more upset
when U know the truth behind the FAKE

hey... dont just blame the PAST GUY who is now
happy with his life somewhere out there
just say that, we want to make more money
so that why we agree to let him on that show

dah la aku tengah penat2 balik kuliah, kol 4 br abes
sampai rumah j dpt berita ad org cuba "BUNUH DIRI"
n tembus atap rumah
then on lappy, baca berita yg sakit hati
pastu, org yg ditunggu tak kunjung tiba..

pengajaran or moral of the story :
dont make promise if U cant keep it...

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