Sunday, 30 December 2012


What if I tell you that I deleted you from my SNS because I am JEALOUS, would you believe me?

Well of course not, I told myself that I deleted you because I want to MOVE ON, and that what I told you too.

But, even I deleted you, again and again and again, it seemed like I can’t never delete you from my heart.

I am trying, I tell myself that you are not real. You can’t be real. You are just my fantasy but it seem like I am in denial state.

I deny that I don’t like you anymore, that I can totally forget about you. But, oh well, I can’t.

Even you are not real, but I know you are real and alive out there.

I love you, I miss you but I can’t love and miss you. I’m in pain.

paperKELIP : lama tak muncul dan wujud di blog ini. Bye bye 2012, hi hi 2013. But I can totally forget my exes though.


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