Sunday, 24 November 2013

You Know and You Can't

I like someone.
But then I know it's useless.
It's not like I fall head over heel for him.
It just... I like him.
Not  a lot, not a little
more or less... I like him
I wanna tell him that I like him.
But I will not jeopardize our friendship
over this 'LIKE' feeling.
I want to blame my hormone for this.
I hate this complicated feeling
Can I just not have this feeling
Can I not having any feeling at all
This stupid feeling only bring harm than good
It contagious... It make me fly
If I fly, I can't plant both of my feet firm to the ground
Then I will become useless.

Your emotion, it's not wrong, but your action??
Sorry feeling, but this one, you have to forget,
better hurt now than later.

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